what is vaping

Have you seen a person smoke? The act when he puts a cigarette in his mouth and inhales is a common thing observed by everyone. This act of inhalation is known as vaping but the only difference is that this term is applicable on those who inhale e-liquid or e-juice from a vaping pen or also known as the e-cigarette. Such equipment is easily available in the vape store. Anyone who wishes to buy one can go to the store and pick the flavor of his own choice.

Invention of the act of vaping:

Want to know about the inventor of the vaping phenomenon? According to a source, it was invented by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. What gave him this motivation of introducing a thing that would help the smokers quit smoking and save them from the hazardous effects of the pollutants in the smoke was the death of his own father from cancer and he used to smoke a lot.

Does it mean that the addict can quit smoking?

Depending on the will of the smoker, the vaping pens can be used to reduce the craving of smoking. Although tobacco containing fluids are available for the pens but those who want to quit wouldn’t use them.

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